Getting started is easy, only the workouts will be challenging! 


Monthly Unlimited Membership


WOD classes require some technique development. Our workouts on any given day may contain movements that are not amenable to simply "dropping in". If you are new to training and want to check it out, your first week will be a free introduction to our programming and what you can expect to learn. We will have you move and workout in these sessions in order to assess your proficiency in some of the more complex movements that you may encounter in our programming. After this first week, we will advise you on the number of required personal training sessions needed before being able to join in any regularly scheduled class.

CHIME Membership


CHIME is an acronym for Conditioning thru High Intensity and Max Effort. These classes could best be described as metabolic conditioning workouts that will include, but will not be limited to, body-weight movements and the use of some accessory equipment like dumbbells, med-balls, TRX bands, pull-up rig, etc. and will be geared toward increasing aerobic/anaerobic capacity.




Getting Started and Membership Types
Membership Types and Rates

CrossFit Memberships*

  Unlimited                                        $165/month  

  - 10 Visit Punch Card                       $160                          

  - 5 Visit Punch Card                         $80


  - Partner Membership                    $300/month

    (Any 2 people @ $150.00 each. Recruit a friend or family member to join!)


  - Family                                              $325/month

    (2 adults + any number of eligible children)

  - Fit For Life                                       $85/month

  - Teen Fitness                                   $85/month




CHIME Memberships                                              

  - Unlimited                                          $115/month                                                   

  - 10 Visit Punch Card                         $110                          

  - 5 Visit Punch Card                            $55

Introductory Personal Training Sessions - $165 for 10 half hour sessions

*These introductory sessions are designed to safely integrate new members into classes. During your intro-session period, new members may also attend unlimited classes, with movements scaled and/or modified as needed. There are no additional costs for class attendance during this time.

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